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Welcome to fascinating world of Internet Bookshop SetBook where you can buy virtually any Russian books. SetBook is a book store where you can find a comprehensive collection of Russian books from many genres to meet your informational, educational and cultural needs. Go through a simple registration procedure on our website and start ordering!

Who we are

We are a leading vendor of Russian books and serials (periodicals – magazines; newspapers; annuals (reports, yearbooks, etc); journals, memoirs, proceedings, and transactions of societies; and numbered mono-graphic series from leading Russian and foreign publishers. Our book store contains more than 300 thousand book titles and approximately 4 thousand newspaper titles, magazines and journals from the leading Russian and foreign publishers. We have been in business for over 20 years. During our work we have gained wide experience in supplying Russian books to the USA, European countries, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and many other countries. Our customers who buy Russian books are wholesale sellers of books and periodicals, libraries, book stores and subscription agencies as well as individuals.

How to reach us

Our satellite offices in the USA and Germany currently works with our central warehouse in Moscow to deliver books to our customers. Due to the large volumes we currently ship, we are able to receive the best rates from our publishers as well as our shipping companies, and are more than eager to pass these savings on to you by offering books at very competitive prices.

SetBook customer service assistants are always ready to answer all your questions.

Please fell free to contact us:

+1 347-390-07-41 (from 02AM to 10AM eastern time, 11AM to 7AM pacific time)

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