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About SetBook

Our mission is to provide our customers with exceptional service and extensive selection of Russian literature to meet their informational, educational and cultural needs.

We are Russia’s leading vendor of books and serials (periodicals – magazines; newspapers; annuals (reports, yearbooks, etc); journals, memoirs, proceedings, and transactions of societies; and numbered monographic series) from leading Russian and foreign publishers. Our catalog contains more than 180 thousand book titles and approximately 4 thousand newspaper titles, magazines and journals from the leading Russian and foreign publishers. We have been in business for over 20 years. During our work we have gained wide experience in supplying printed products to many Russian regions and abroad – USA, Germany CIS and Baltic states. Our customers abroad are wholesale sellers of books and periodicals, libraries, bookshops and subscription agencies.

Additionally, we supply books and periodicals in English from the USA to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

We can offer extremely competitive pricing and exceptional service. Our large warehouse in Moscow, close relationship with our suppliers, and efficient interaction with our offices in different regions, position us to be the best vendor to work with. Our years of servicing libraries and universities in Russia demonstrate that we understand the needs of our clients as well as the industry.

Our satellite office in Boston currently works with our central warehouse to deliver literature from Russia to the US every week. Due to the large volumes we currently ship, we are able to receive the best rates from our publishers as well as our shipping companies, and are more than eager to pass these savings on to you.

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