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Approval plan

Setbook offers Slavic approval plan services to libraries, universities, and corporations with unique needs and requirements.

After many years of experience serving academic, public, and government libraries in Russia, we understand the needs of our clients as well as the industry. We offer high-quality materials, flexible ordering options, exceptional customer service, and most importantly, some of the lowest prices in the industry.

Setting up a profile

To ensure that you receive only the literature you desire, we first need to understand your requirements and needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to accurately and efficiently deliver only the relevant materials, and our profile options include some of the most distinctive parameters in the industry. We are able to select materials based on geographic subject terms, language of book, price range, publisher/author to name a few.

We work closely with all interested parties in your institution to make sure your profile reflect your library’s collection policies – not the preferences of your vendor.

You can set up a profile by visiting our website:

Step 1. Go to www.setbook.org
Step 2. Click on, "register" and chose the option “representative”. Follow the directions to create your Setbook account.
Step 3. Using the " My Wishlist" feature tell us about your preferences in literature. Edit your Setbook profile and "Wishlist". With this tool you can create a customized approval plan. Just fill in the simple form and you will then receive an easy-to-select and easy-to-buy-from list of books that meet your criteria.

You can contact our customer service department for an electronic copy of the profile.

Please email your completed copy of the profile to shop@setbook.org, or mail to:

Universal Books and Periodicals Service Corp.
P.O. BOX 590577, Newton Center, MA 02459-9998

Please contact our Approval Plan Department at shop@setbook.org or call us at +1-347-390-07-41 with any questions

After receiving your profile, Setbook's Account Managers will contact you immediately to confirm the receipt of the profile and discuss any additional questions.

Types of approval plans

  1. Autoship
    Your Account manager ships books based on your profile parameters. These books are always eligible for returns if you are not completely satisfied with our selection.

  2. Slip orders
    Setbook sends you an order slip, from which you then select/ reject titles.

Please contact us to discuss how one, or a combination of these two options, can greatly reduce costs for your institution.

Approval plan enhancements

Only available through Setbook, we offer unique enhancements to your Approval Plans. Because we service most of the libraries and universities in the Russian Federation we are able to compile extensive data on statistics such as most ordered and least popular titles. In addition, we receive NEW RELEASE information earlier than most suppliers, and produce a weekly newsletter with new titles.
As a customer, this information will be available to you as well as your Account Manager.
Together, you can attract even the most up-to-date consumer!

Delivery information

Approval plan materials are shipped via airmail from Moscow to New York. Orders are shipped from New York via US Postal Service and generally reach your in 10-14 business days.

Our packages are shipped with great care, ensuring that books remain in the original condition when they are delivered. Each package includes bubble wrap protection.

Try us obligation free!

We are able to provide you with a "Virtual Slip Program".

Please contact our Approval Plan Department to receive slips marked with the profiling outcome of a "live" plan, but without automatic book shipments.