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Author: Kellerman D., Publisher: Fantom-Press, 2012
ISBN: 978-5-86471-618-2
Cover: hardcover, Format: 84x108
Weight: 500g, Pages count: 384, Copies: 6000

Joseph Geist has an unlucky streak. The scientific adviser put it out of graduate school, and a friend - out of the apartment. He was left without a roof over your head without your favorite books. Backpack with a pitiful belongings behind, but Nietzsche's head under his arm - that's all the property of the young philosopher. But life turns back to face him - or rather, a newspaper with an unusual announcement, which seems to Joseph ... very intriguing new novel by the author of "Genius" Full of literary game, roll with Dostoevsky and Nietzsche, with the refined-detective story, full of irony and existential substrate - a sophisticated thriller about choices we make, and its consequences. Jesse Kellerman knows how to please the reader, incredibly attractive serviruya very complicated ideas.

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