Jaycie Phelps
Jaycie Phelps
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Jaycie Lynn Phelps (born September 26, 1979 in Indianapolis, Indiana) is a United States Olympic gymnast and member of the 1996 Olympic Gold medal US women `s gymnastics team, Magnificent 7. Her name is derrived from her parents `, Jack and Cheryl Phelps, first initials. She trained at CGA (Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy) under Mary Lee Tracy with fellow seven member Amanda Borden. After the Olympics, Jaycie went professional. Along with the other gymnasts, Allison Nayla and Michelle, she appeared in tours and gained advertising work. In 2005 she married fellow US Olympic gymnast Brett McClure in a ceremony in Hawaii, they divorced in 2008.Eta book will be made in accordance with your order on Technology Print-on-Demand company "book on demand." Print-on-Demand - a technology for printing books for your order on the digital printing equipment. Book Printed on Technology Print-on-Demand, is a classic Euro-Pocket "in compliance with all standards of quality, of offset paper and heavier stock to high-quality glue used in izgotovlenii.Informatsiya of materials used when printing: - paper - offset (white), 80 g / m - cover - color soft materials (cardboard 250-300 g / m) - A block of text (including illustrations) - black and white - the bond block - RBG (standard modern «pocket-books»). Ordering is handled on an individual basis: each book, published by Technology Print-on-Demand, assigned a unique number.